Sustainable Solutions for

Food Consumption and packaging


We are a Mexican bussines group with more than thirty-five years of experience in the conversion indutry market.

Our products are of the highest quality, processed with world-class manufacturing and cutting edge technology. We are confident that we have the capacity to cover all packaging, thermoforming and disponsable needs.


  • High added value
  • Experience with multiple types of resin
  • Lamination and extrusion and thermoforming capabilities
  • Experts in domes and containers for all types of food
  • Market driven and new applications
  • Developments in biodegradable and compostable resins
  • Paper and cardboard products lines
  • Global and partnerships with producers of raw materials and machinery


Provide the best sustainable solutions for the consumption and packagin of food and industrial products, accompanied by a high quality service


Contibute to the care of the environment, leading our clients to be part of the global ecological effort and achive our mission by promoting the growth of our human capital, the development of innovate products and the implementation of new technologies.

Business' units

With our international logistics and distribution network and our manufacturing and sales units, we are well positioned to support the growth of our customers wherever they operate.Dominating four business segments, we develop and manufacture sustainable solutions that help our products reach more people, more easily. Over the past few years we have experienced a series of strategic mergers and corporate realignments, all with a view to expanding our product portfolio and customer base by continually seeking to develop new ways to add value to our productos and processes.





WOW Group offers its customers certified products, quality service and personalized attention.

​“We always seek to be at the forefront of all sustainable alternatives that can be project and scaled to generate real and lasting benefits for both the enviroment and the end consumer"​

R. W.